It is possible to cure prostatitis

Is there a cure for prostatitis? All men are alarmists, especially when it comes to men's health. With pathologies of the reproductive system, they panic, are prone to depression, which has a bad effect on the psyche.

Prostatitis is an inflammatory process of the prostate gland, which is responsible for the production of secretion, which is part of the ejaculant. Not conducting timely treatment of prostatitis in men provokes the transition of the disease to a chronic form.

Treatment of prostatitis is necessary, as the disease turns into an adenoma and then degenerates into cancer.

What risk factors exist in men for the occurrence of prostatitis

Until recently, doctors argued that the onset of prostatitis can only occur in men after 45 years. However, the disease changed the age of patients, today inflammation of the prostate also occurs in young children. Is there a cure for chronic prostatitis?

To answer this question, it is necessary to understand the question of what causes the outbreak of the disease.

Risk factors:

the doctor gives advice on the treatment of prostatitis
  • Infection transmitted through sexual intercourse. When a man leads a promiscuous life, not using contraception during casual sexual acts, he can become infected with harmful viruses, bacteria and microorganisms. After the penetration of the infection into the pelvic organs, an inflammatory process develops. Infection is not the worst thing you can get compared to HIV, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea.
  • Irregular sex life. Prolonged abstinence or too frequent sexual contact can provoke the stagnation of the secret in the prostate. Such phenomena negatively affect the genitourinary system. Intermittent intercourse is also very harmful to men's health. Frequent arousal with lower ejaculation can trigger the onset of prostatitis.
  • genetic predisposition. If one of the closest relatives in the family had prostatitis, the risk of the disease in these men is much higher than in other representatives of the strong half of humanity.
  • Alcohol addiction, nicotine addiction, drug use, poor quality diet. All these reasons can affect the occurrence of prostatitis, as they completely affect the health of the whole organism, including the pelvic organs.
  • Hypothermia. Men are very susceptible to cold, especially in the cold season. Due to hypothermia of the legs or the whole body, symptoms of inflammation of the prostate gland may appear. The prostate gland doesn't like hypothermia very much.
  • Sedentary lifestyle. Inflammation of the prostate gland occurs in men deprived of physical activity. This is due to impaired blood circulation in the pelvic organs. In addition, there is constipation, stagnation of secretion in the prostate, and as a result, prostatitis becomes inflamed.
painful urination with prostatitis

An important factor is the general state of the immune system. Therefore, if the patient suffered from a viral or infectious disease the day before, his body is weakened and he cannot fight at full capacity with the infection that has penetrated.

At the same time, a man experiences some symptoms by which it is possible to recognize prostatitis:

  • difficulty urinating;
  • pain of a pulling nature in the lower abdomen and perineum;
  • lack of constant or frequent erection in the morning;
  • weakened potency or complete absence;
  • not a long painful sensation in the genitals after semen eruption.

If a man has chronic prostatitis, is this disease treated? The first step is to move on to the question of eliminating the cause that provoked the occurrence of this pathology. The next task is to review your lifestyle.

Is there a cure for prostatitis?

In some patients, against the background of unsuccessful medical therapy, depression occurs, after which the man does not want to continue further therapy. They come to terms with their disease, which aggravates the condition of the prostate gland to the chronic course of the disease.

Nothing is impossible, you cannot drag on an already difficult situation - prostatitis is perfectly treated if you make every effort. At least today there are many methods and remedies.

How to approach the treatment of the prostate gland

The male gland will never worry if it is not inflamed. When some changes of an undesirable nature begin to occur in the body, this is manifested by certain symptoms:

  • increased urine output;
  • burning;
  • disturbed urination;
  • pain in the pelvic organs;
  • of a sexual nature.

Before starting medical therapy, it will be necessary to consult a specialist who will prescribe the required treatment after diagnosis. Sometimes it may be necessary to consult a number of specialists.

  1. Urologist. The physician in profile should first examine the patient.
  2. The physiotherapist prescribes the necessary procedures, for each patient the specialist has her own approach, in each case an individual approach is required.
  3. Surgeon. With purulent abscesses, this specialist helps.
  4. Psychiatrist. Men with disturbed psycho-emotional balance must have sessions with a psychotherapist.

With additional pathological processes in the body, other specialist examinations may be required, taking into account the disease profile.

How is prostate inflammation treated?

Prostatitis is treatable after a thorough diagnosis:

laboratory diagnosis of prostatitis
  • laboratory research;
  • analysis of prostatic secretion;
  • ultrasound;
  • Uroflowmetry (determination of the speed of urine).

After the necessary procedures have been performed and the clinical picture clarified, a treatment regimen is determined.

When assigning a full course, the scheme looks like this:

  • the use of antibiotic therapy;
  • reflexology, ultrasound, hirudotherapy and a number of other physiotherapeutic procedures;
  • massage the prostate.

The treatment regimen prescribed by the urologist must be supported by a number of certain amendments in your life, namely:

  • adhere to a healthy lifestyle;
  • appropriate nutrition;
  • taking vitamin complexes;
  • sports activities (daily exercises, jogging).

Well-established rhythm of life, it supports therapeutic therapy very effectively.

Varieties of prostatitis

The type of pathology is determined after a complete diagnosis and receipt of test results. Based on the type of disease, the specialist selects an acceptable course of treatment. Can prostatitis be treated?

Acute form of the disease. Is acute prostatitis cured? This pathology is treated with the mandatory use of a course of antibiotics. Often the disease takes a severe form, so the patient must be hospitalized for an extended treatment regimen with various methods and drugs. There are practically no cases when prostatitis is not cured. This is due to the fact that the acute form of prostatitis is easy to diagnose.

Infectious type of pathology. Therapeutic therapy is aimed at eliminating the infectious flora. The use of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs that improve blood circulation is recommended.

Chronic course of the disease. Patients with a chronic form are treated much longer. The disease requires a lot of effort and a careful approach. In some cases it is necessary to undergo several courses of therapy with different techniques. Men who have treated chronic prostatitis say they have had to fight the disease for more than a year. In the process of treatment, men often turn to folk recipes for help, but it is worth noting that traditional medicine can not be the main, but only additional.

How folk remedies help

You can cure a chronic disease with the help of the additional use of traditional medicines. For this, there are many recipes for making decoctions, tinctures, rectal suppositories.

Bee products have good properties: honey, propolis, subpestilence, royal jelly. On the Internet you can find many options for the treatment of traditional medicine, just remember that the treatment is used in addition to the scheme prescribed by the urologist.